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Wireless LAN FAQ

Wireless LAN

 Where should I place the Base Station?

The base station is usually placed in a high place, which allows it to be reached by the customer. It can be a rooftop from a tall building, or a tower.

What devices are needed at the Base Station?

Basically, wireless devices at the base station are divided into two, namely point to point devices as backhaul, and other devices to serve customers. A backhaul device is not required if you have internet access to the BTS via cable or other media. For the access point itself, usually using an antenna that can serve a fairly wide area. It can be an omnidirectional antenna, or a sectoral antenna. Omnidirectional antennas can reach 360 degrees, while sectoral antennas can only reach 90 to 120 degrees, so 3 to 4 antennas are needed, including the access point.

How many clients can be connected to the base station?

In theory, Mikrotik wireless devices can serve 2007 clients. However, however, its performance depends on system reliability and ambient conditions. This number is very dependent on the use of each client, and how many computers are connected behind an AP Client. The number that has been reached in normal use is 100 clients.

What is the farthest distance between the BTS and the client location?

The farthest distance will depend on the antenna power, the loss in the antenna cable, the radio transmission strength, the radio sensitivity, and the level of interference from other radios using the same frequency.

With a frequency of 2.4 GHz, usually the farthest distance that can be reached is 12 kilometers, while with a frequency of 5 GHz, using a 30db solid disc antenna, a distance of 28 km can be achieved. The bandwidth that can be achieved is about 10 mbps with the bandwidth test trial.

Can I use an amplifier to extend the range?

Technically, you can. However, pay attention to the applicable regulations. The use of amplifiers can be used to compensate for the losses that occur due to the use of long antenna cables.

Does the BTS and the client have to be completely barrier-free (Line of sight)?

Yes. Line of sight condition is absolutely necessary. Also pay attention to the freznel zone required.

What is the fresnel zone?

The Freznel Zone is the area around the straight lines between the tools used for wave propagation. This area must also be free from interference, or the signal strength will decrease. For example, on a link that is 16 km away, with a frequency of 5.8 GHz, the size of the freznel zone circle in the middle of the two tools is a circle with a radius of 8.7 meters, and 13.6 meters for a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Can I do a bridge when using a Mikrotik wireless product?

Yes. If you use a Mikrotik Access Point and other client brands, all you need to do is enter the wlan interface on the proxy to the bridge interface, as well as the ethernet. Meanwhile, when using the Mikrotik wireless client, you can bridge using the EoIP technique or use WDS Wireless. See the user manual for more details.

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